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The First Sunday Dinner

Having a Sunday dinner with friends and family is not just about the food.  It is about the relationships growing, community forming, laughing until you cannot stop, and making memories.  I want Sunday dinners to be a priority, so here is a look at my first Sunday gathering.  

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The guests who were invited to my first dinner party were some of my closest friends and really should just be considered family.  They are the people who have encouraged me, loved me, and helped me grow to be better.  Honestly, hosting my first dinner did make me nervous so I wanted to have the closest people around me to begin this new venture with comfort.  

Being my first dinner, I wanted to cook something that is more than just a recipe.  I wanted to bring a story to life with the food.  I wanted to cook something that I know has brought a ton of joy to people in the past, a meal that is considered in my family, a “favorite”.  I decided to make “Mucker’s Spaghetti”.  

Mucker is my great grandmother who passed away a couple years ago and who was well known for her delicious food.  She used to live next door to a lady from Italy, who is the one who gave her the sauce recipe.  I was so lucky to get my hands on this recipe and then I realized that a lot of the seasonings were “to taste”!  WHAT?! “To taste” does not work the best for a newer cook.  This sauce I had to cook all day (the longer the better and even better the next day).  Needless to say, I had to taste it constantly which is not really a problem for me (haha).  

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I kept adjusting until I began to taste Mucker’s sauce.  This is the most emotional recipe I have made so far.  As I am tasting and getting closer to the original, it makes me remember Mucker.  I know she would be so proud of the sauce. 

Recipe Fun:

Here is a super simple side salad recipe that I used to go along with the incredible spaghetti. This is an easy recipe that you could easily whip up when you have company.

What you need: a few handfuls of Arugula or Pepper Mix blend salad that I had to use.  Side note: went to 3 different stores on the hunt for arugula and I could not find it!  It was pretty sad and I definitely recommend using it for this recipe.  It is one of my favorite lettuces.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle, a squeeze of lemon, fresh cracked pepper and fresh parm.  That is it!  Drizzle the olive oil, just enough to lightly coat.  Squeeze half of the lemon and then top with as much pepper and parm as you would like (you can never have too much cheese), then toss.

I am a big fan of horderves.  Invite me to a house that has cheese and crackers waiting for me and I am immediately at home.   I picked 3 different cheeses (Brie, Raspberry, and Herb de Provence), an assortment of crackers and apple butter.  

Shopping TIP: 

Check out the $5 and under cheese section at Whole Foods.  There is a great assortment and the cheeses are cut in smaller portions which is perfect when you want a variety and are hosting a smaller party.

 There was bread (bread = life) and my husband made the best oil dipping sauce to go with it.  Let’s stop for a moment.  I am pretty sure I could have eaten the bread and oil and been completely fine with life.  

 There was bread (bread = life) and my husband made the best oil dipping sauce to go with it.  Let’s stop for a moment.  I am pretty sure I could have eaten the bread and oil and been completely fine with life.  

Mike is always photo ready!

Mike is always photo ready!

Here is the big moment!  Will they like the food I made?!  Well, I was able to smile so big when everyone kept saying how good everything was #winning!  I was so happy that I can prepare a special meal for people I love and that they enjoyed every bite.  

Okay, guys.  Let’s not forget the dessert.  Let’s be real: dessert is a necessity to any dinner gathering.  My super sweet friend brought a hazelnut chocolate cake!  I mean… AMAZING!  Also, it was paleo and no refined sugar.  Yes, she spoke to my heart and since it is “healthy” and all, I do not have to feel bad for eating 2 slices.  

The night was filled with great conversation, a fun game and LOTS of laughs.  My first dinner party could have not gone better.  Everything was perfect and I am so stoked for my next month’s dinner party

Cozy Kale and Butternut Squash Salad