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A Festive Sunday Dinner

"It's the moooost wonderful tiiime of the yeeeaaar".  Oh my goodness. Christmas is the best!  Baking cookies, exchanging gifts, holiday parties, Christmas lights, and being with family and friends - simply wonderful.  So for my December dinner, of course, I had to Christmas it up.

But first...time to be honest.  Every time I do a Sunday dinner there are a lot of challenges that arise.  I may forget some details, lose track of time, my food may not cooperate...etc.  For someone completely new to hosting dinners the prep can oftentimes seem so wearing.  But regardless of all the setbacks that may occur, when my guests walk through the door my heart becomes so full and my purpose once again steadies:  Every little and big challenge is so worth it because I get to serve others, pouring love into them.

Me Fact: I LOVE t-shirts.  I mean I used to think it was a problem and now I think of it more as a hobby.  Everywhere I go I always want to leave with a t-shirt.  I visit a restaurant and they have t-shirts, I want one.  I go to a coffee shop and they have t-shirts, I want that one too.  And I have noticed that I even have been wanting the t-shirts that the grocery store, Lowes Foods has.  Omgosh...okay maybe this is a problem (haha).

One of my best friends (which you will get to know more about in the near future ;)), just totally gets me.  She visited a church (Forest Park Church) that I love and brought me back a t-shirt and gave it to me before the dinner. DAY MADE.  I am totally in love with this tee!



The guests who were at my party were some of the most influential people in my life.  Let's start with my cousin Lyndi and her husband Cameron.  These two have impacted my life in ways I cannot hardly put into words.  When I was a teen, I had a difficult life and Lyndi and Cameron took me into their home with open arms.  They are remarkable, sweet, loving, and supportive.  My cousin Lyndi is more like my sister:  She is the older sister I always wanted.  Even more, she is one of the most gorgeous people I know, inside and out!

Matt Gorman (pictured above ).  If you do not know Matt, you are missing out.  He may have a serious bromance with my husband, but he is one the funniest and most selfless guys I know.  His goofiness and tender heart make Dan and I always so joyful to be in his presence.  And then my amazing friend, Amy!  She truly has one of the biggest hearts I know.  On days when I am feeling off, Amy (without her realizing it) will randomly compliment me on something or just be sweet.  She is simply an amazing friend with a soul that simply knows no bounds!

Love these two!!!

Love these two!!!

As much as I am an advocate for always having dessert, I have slowly fallen in love with the idea of always having an appetizer also.  Cara made a baked brie cheese (AHHHH!) with crostini and Asian pears.  I cannot tell you how delicious this was.  So, why have I fallen in love with apps?  Well, food immediately makes the guest feel at home, it helps spark conversation, and my personal favorite reason is that if my dinner takes longer then usual (which has been the case for most of the dinners) it keeps my guests' tummies from rumbling.  With all that said, when hosting your own dinner, make sure an app is involved even if it is just cheese and crackers (yum!).

What's the main course?  Because it is chillier and the holidays are here, I have been wanting to eat nothing but comfort food.  For this dinner, I went with a Chicken Pot Pie that you make in the crock pot and then homemade biscuits to go on top.  Boy, oh boy.  This recipe is EASY to make, feeds a crowd, and leaves your tummy happy and your face smiling.

This is the perfect meal to throw together on a Sunday morning.  Let it cook all day and then complete it for an oh-so-yummy dinner.  Click HERE for the recipe!

Because there is no crust on the chicken pot pie, making biscuits was a no-brainer!  Many of you may know the amazing Alice.  She is incredible, and she is an outstanding baker and cook!  She made these biscuits for me when I was at her house and I promise I could eat a dozen of  these things...they are incredible!


Click HERE for this super easy and total crowd pleasing biscuit recipe.  You only need 4 INGREDIENTS!

TIP:  As you can see from the pictures above, I attempted to make the biscuits into perfect circles...who needs perfection?  As I remembered, I did not think this is what Alice did when she made her biscuits.  It seemed much easier and the dough was SO sticky that this task seemed so daunting.  I immediately called her up and she was able to help me.  She told me that she never makes the perfect circles, and instead just forms them into a "ball shape" and drops them in a pan.  LIFE changing.  So that is what I did and it made the process much more enjoyable.

This dinner was a blast.  The night was filled with immense amounts of goofiness, singing, great conversation and laughing...nonstop.

On that note...currently dying laughing at this picture (haha).  I absolutely love my friends, family, and the different communities that are forming.  I want to end this blog post on a quote that Lyndi said as she was eating the "can I have seconds" dinner.  Feedback from my guests is what fuels me and leaves me filled with encouragement.

She said, "This is so good.  It is giving me goosebumps". #winning

I hope everyone has an incredible Christmas. Make sure you love on one another as much as possible and make sweet memories with those you care for most. Cherish every moment!

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