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Fiesta on Sunday

It is pretty much summer time here in NC and to me, Mexican food always sounds yummy when the sun is shining and there is a warm breeze in the air. My Sunday dinner was hosted the weekend of Cinco De Mayo and I thought it would be perfect to cook Mexican food. I also have not made a Mexican meal yet which is pretty surprising since I find them so easy to make, always flavorful, delicious and affordable for a crowd. 

Dinner menu of choice was: 
Chips & Salsa (of course!)
Homemade Guacamole (No brainer…)
Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas (first time making enchiladas) 
Mexican rice
Homemade Coconut Cake made by my sweet friend Christy
This menu was beyond perfect.


These chips I have been seeing everywhere lately and I really appreciate that they only contain a few ingredients and that they are GMO free (yay). I also ended up taking a short cut and buying store brought salsa. Sometimes I feel like I should make everything homemade to be legit but I don’t 😊. I am free to get premade items because it is not about the food I am serving but about the community that is being made. 
Jen brought some banging guacamole. I mean guacamole = life. I am always a fan of avocado anything so this was a great addition to the chips. 

I found this hot sauce at Lowes Foods and I was so nervous that it would be too spicy for me. I love the flavor of hot sauce but throughout the years, I cannot handle really spicy sauces. This hot sauce is amazing and I can put this on anything. It went perfect with the enchiladas but this would be great on eggs, burgers, tacos, pizza, popcorn and anything else you can think of. Yummy goodness. This was a great find.

I think I found the chicken enchiladas recipe (click here for it) on Pinterest and I fell in love with this recipe because it had this video to go along with it (see below), it looked super easy and I know I could make it easier by using a rotisserie chicken! The recipe called for 1 cooked chicken breast but I thought to myself that one chicken breast probably equals two rotisserie chicken breasts since they are smaller…WRONG (haha). So, I was already doubling the recipe but because of all the chicken I used…I pretty much quadrupled the recipe (dying crying right now haha). I did not realize that the filling consists of a lot of other items than the chicken and that one chicken breast is all you need. Let’s just admire all the pans of enchiladas I had. I ended up inviting my friend and her boyfriend over for dinner one night and then I still had a ton so I invited another friend over for another night. Enchiladas for a week, which I am not made about because these are amazing! 

TIP: Read the ENTIRE recipe before you make anything. Through reading it, I saw that you could easily assemble it the night before and freeze it. This could have saved time for when I was making my Sunday dinner. Good news, if I want to have something ready for a weeknight that I know I will be busy on, I can assemble this the weekend before and it would be ready to go!

My Mexican rice came out great too! I am always nervous when making rice because I feel like you can easily mess it up. I think this one is foolproof and it came out perfect. Check the recipe out HERE. 

This dinner was a ton of fun to create and host. I loved the friends that I had over so much. We made great conversation and laughed a ton. It was a very special night and definitely one of those nights when I realized how lucky I am to being doing this. 

Do you have a favorite Mexican dish that you can make? Anything freezer friendly?

Just Do It

You can totally have people over for dinner. You want to know how I know this, because I can.