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You can totally have people over for dinner. You want to know how I know this, because I can.

Ready for my honest spill? Eight months ago I decided to start hosting dinners which is something I wanted to do 7 months before I actually did it. It was always on my heart that this eating around the dinner table is something more than just eating. Eating around a dinner table brings community, deepens relationships, creates laughter and brings joy to people’s hearts. I truly believe that having dinner with others is something we are supposed to do. It does not only give us the opportunity to bring happiness to people but also helps us to become servants.

So, why did it take me 7 months to have people over for dinner? Some may not think that having guests over for dinner should be that scary or a big deal but I was frankly, terrified. I do have some introverted tendencies and that means that being around new people, small talk or sharing my space with others could be a struggle. My home is my happy place and I enjoy being in it by myself and with my husband and cats of course. I also struggled with a lot of negative thoughts on top of that. I was subconscious* that my apartment would be too small or that I would not have the money to be able to feed other people. I also cherish my time on the weekend and letting that be used for others did not sit the best with me. I wanted to relax and enjoy my home to recoup after my busy work week. When I looked at all the excuses that stood between me and what I know I needed to do, I noticed one big thing; it was all focused around me. Me having my Sunday dinners is not supposed to cater to my wants. It is used so I can shower others with love and joy and of course delicious food. Being able to have people over has not only brought so many connections in my life but has also been teaching me how to put myself last.

If you are nervous about having people over for dinner but you know you want to, you can do it. I am not saying it is the easiest thing because there have been some really challenging dinners that I had to host but I can say it gets easier…even if that means barely easier haha.

The next few blog posts, I am going to be writing tips I have learned with having dinners, some resources and any other good motivation to help encourage you to have people around your table. Stay tuned!


Image source: http://www.luisabrimble.com/2015/03/sunday-gathering-with-mr-mrs-white.html

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