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Top 3 Recipe Sources

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Cooking home-cooked meals could be a new thing and making meals for others could be so nerve-racking if you do not have a recipe that you know will not fail you! I wanted to share my top 3 blogs that I go to when looking for a recipe to use for a Sunday dinner or for just me and Dan. These sites take all the nerves away because I have tried so many recipes and they do not let me down. I specifically love these blogs because they keep it SIMPLE. Life is already too complicated that making a complicated recipe does not make things better. They use a few ingredients without of a ton of steps #winning.

1. Gimme Some Oven

Why I love this blog: Ali wants to share delicious meals with you that take you back to being around the table. Being around the table and enjoying food with the people she loves is why she created this blog to share her recipes. I love everything about this and it lines right up with my goal for my Sunday dinners.

Recipes: She has a little bit of everything on her site. I really think if I was wanting Italian or Mexican food, I would want to try one of her recipes. 

My next recipe that I am going to try: 20-Minute Thai Basil Chicken - Easy and 20 mins! That is what I am talking about!

2. Damn Delicious

Why I love this blog: I have been following this blog for a very long time and it actually might have been one of my first food blogs I started to read. I love what it is all about: "Simple Ingredients, Elegant Dishes". Her meals sound and look super fancy but she actually uses just a few ingredients. She also does a lot of copy cat recipes from brands and restaurants like Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Hot Pockets, etc (all the food you want to eat :)).

Recipes: She does a ton of one pot, one pan dishes. Also, every meal she makes sounds so appetizing from Sheet Pan Zucchini Parmesan to Lobster Grilled Cheese (<-What is life?!). I believe her recipes are such crowd-pleasers and would make your family or friends so happy!

My next recipe I am going to try: Ham Egg and Cheese Pockets - super easy to make AND you can freeze them for up to a month! Perfect breakfast on-the-go.

3. Fresh Fit Kitchen 

Why I love this blog: Guys...this is my favorite food blog right now. I have discovered it in the past year and every recipe I tried have been a hit! Her recipes are about nourishment, balance and delicious tasting food. She believes that you can live a healthy life without having to eat the same bland food all the time. She has a lot of recipes for one pan and like only 5 ingredients. 

Recipes: Some of my absolute favorite recipes I have tried are the Crispy Chicken Broccoli Sheet Pan Dinner and Eggplant Parmesan Meatballs. You guys would loves these recipes!!

My next recipe I am going to try: Well, there is so many so I could not choose one. 

What are some of your favorite food blogs that you like to follow? Or what are some of your favorite family go-to recipes? I would LOVE to know.

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