Hey friend! At His Table is a blog that focuses on what truly matters in life. My posts are here to inspire you to slow down, relax, and be present.

A Blog Reboot that I Could not be Happier About

Hi friends and fam!

This is a letter to you that comes straight from my heart. I wanted to share with you why I am taking a new direction with the blog, what topics I am going to be covering and what my future hopes are for it. 

I started "At His Table" last October with the main goal of encouraging people to make dinner and share the meal with others around the table. I would host Sunday dinners at my house and have different groups of people to partake in a fun night together. Conversation, laughter and fellowship was all created in my little one-bedroom apartment and I am so thankful for that. 


At His Table and what it was missing:

 I noticed a few things that kept bothering me about doing the Sunday dinners and writing for my blog. First, I felt so obligated to make sure everything was homemade because that is what I wanted to give people (whole, nourishing meals). Even when I felt over-my-head, I was not about to make a dessert from a box (how ridiculous was I?). Then, I felt like my dinners HAD to be on a Sunday. Something about going to church and then coming home and having guests over seemed so ideal. But Sundays are the days that I felt like I really needed to rest and I would hate to think about going to work the next day after having a long night with friends. It brought on unnecessary stressors. I realized that my dinners were missing something. I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to go beyond expectations and make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. I was constantly cooking or cleaning which made me miss out on just being with people. I came to a realization that having community is more than just the type of food that I make or what specific day it is supposed to be. What I was not experiencing during this process was rest and freedom. 


Hitting the very bottom:

I think many people can relate that there are seasons in your life that you feel like you hit the lowest point. You feel like you want to run from life, hide away or go on a vacation to the prettiest island you can think of.  2017 has been a  really tough year. Every area of my life was attacked: my marriage, my finances, thoughts about myself (am I good enough, smart enough), job security and my future hopes. June is when everything crashed at once. Tears seemed like they never stopped flowing. My incredible supportive husband, Dan, helped plan a trip for me to have a little "getaway" and visit my family in NJ. I did not want to be here.


What happens when you literally have nothing to loose and there is nothing to count on? Big "G" (aka God :)) shows up and finally has my attention. In my lowest, I was able to see what matter the most. All I wanted was Jesus, my family and community. Nothing else mattered to me and that is exactly what I was supposed to realize. Money, jobs, material goods or anything that can steal your joy does not matter. When I had nothing left, I longed for Jesus, family and friendships. 

Where is "At His Table" going?

Writing is such a passion of mine. It is the way that I can express my feelings the best. It is my favorite source of creative energy. I know that blogging brings me so much joy but I also realized that I am called to write about so much more (more than Sunday dinners). I have been shown a new direction and I am more than thrilled to go with it. My blog will be focusing on: simplifying your life so you can have more freedom and rest in other areas, relationships (why they are important and how to build/maintain them), food (you know that will be a part of it ;)) and other areas that will help you focus on what matters most. 



I want this blog to be a resource for you. I want you to be able to go to it weekly and read posts that bring encouragement, clarity and motivation. I want it to help you even if it just brings a smile to your face. I want to show you how much more there is to this life. This blog is going to be practical and REAL. I mean, I just started living this way in June so I am a complete newbie. Benefit is: is that I get to walk hand and hand with you and we are learning together!

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