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Coffee Dates

During the month of July, I was recovering from a difficult season. In June, it felt like every area in my life crumbled and I was left feeling so empty and lost. Job security, finances, future hopes and dreams seemed to diminished in the matters of seconds. Worry and fear slowly slipped in. I immediately had to take a trip to NJ to be with my family and get away from "everything". In the moments of sadness, I was able to recognize what I needed and what should be my main focus in life. That was: Jesus, family and community. These three things was what my soul needed and what I desperately wanted to grasp on during this time. 


I knew I wanted to surround myself with women. Women who would help with the healing process of my heart. Women who would be a constant encouragement. Women who would listen to me and love me during this hurting time. And women who I can look up to and that will help me realize that this season is coming to an end and the next one is right around the corner. 

FYI! If you ever want to meet up for coffee here, LET ME KNOW! Chanticleer Cafe & Bakery in Cary is one of my favorite spots. #allthecrossiants #secretlyfrench

FYI! If you ever want to meet up for coffee here, LET ME KNOW! Chanticleer Cafe & Bakery in Cary is one of my favorite spots. #allthecrossiants #secretlyfrench

I immediately started scheduling coffee dates. Come on...who does not like sharing a cup of coffee with your girlfriends!? I absolutely love it! It is so fun to sit on a couch, chat and be all comfy with a cup of coffee in hand. I sometimes had 4 coffee dates a week and I was more than okay with that. This is what I needed during this time. The coffee dates allowed me to grow deeper connections. I was able to talk about my fears and my past with no judgement. The more I spent time with these women, the more my heart became full. My desires started to change and my goals in life switched. 

I am here to tell you that community and relationships matter so much. You do not have to be as extreme as I was with 4 times a week but meeting once a week with a girlfriend that is a positive influence would be much better for your soul than getting that work out in, doing laundry or running errands. Stop and make time for people. I promise it will be worth it. 

Do you have a favorite coffee place?! Do you prefer getting coffee out or going to people's homes for coffee? I do think there is something special about sitting on someone's couch :).

Happy 6 years to the Kazdas!

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